Video games

  • Lequin :

    This game was realised with the softwares Unity, 3ds Max and Photoshop CS5.

    Lequin, the 3D aniùmated character is walking in a world representing the imagination of an artist. This game is for children, and it's also an educational game because we find informations about various artistic domains. During the game, we also find 3D sounds ((more or less hardly if we get closer to the object), as well as particles systems.

    This game was realised thanks to JavaScript scripts.

  • Lerpz Escape :

    Here is ma very first game realisez with the software Unity. The character Lerps is walking in an extraterrestrial world in which he is is prisoner because his vessel does not have any more of running !

    To run away he has to collect cans of fuel on his way, while avoiding falling from platforms, or meeting robots enemy or the electric lasers. When he exhausted all his lives, it's the end: Game Over!

  • Red's Adventure :​​

    This game was made with a group of 9 students, thanks to the software UDK. I was more specially specialized in the main character of the game (modelling under 3ds Max, texturing with Photoshop CS5 and animation).

    Red, an orphan girl, is rechearching his brother in a hostile landscape. She'll overcome the events of the forest to find him: the labyrinth, the riddle of the witch, the infernal tower...