• Life Traders :

    Short film realized for the competition "48h of short Movie 2014."

  • International promotional video for IMAC school :

    This video is an advertising trailer for the engineering school IMAC, realised with Adobe After Effect CS6, as part of my tutorial project Comm IMAC.

  • Crazy ostrich :

    Video realized for the photography and design coçurse in the UIC Barcelone. The point was to use a sequence of pictures (stop motion) to create a "teaser" video..

  • Singin' in the rain :

    This is the trailer of the movie "Singing in the rain" of Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly which I remade on my way with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and After Effect CS6.

  • Clip - Animation 2D :

    Video clip for the song "Gone" of the artist Singe chromés. This video was relalised thanks to two animation techniques : the interpolation (with Adobe After Effect CS6) and the motion animation (with Adobe Flash CS6).

  • Abbatiale du Monastier :

    This video present the abbey of Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille 3D model. This was the subject of the supervised project we work on during 4 months. The modeling was achived 3ds Max 2013, the post production and creation of the video with Adobe After Effect CS5.

  • Thor :

    This video was made for the special effects course in my first year at IMAC, with the software After Effect CS6. I tried tu use a maimum of the features proposed by the software : creation and manipulation of pre-compositions, standards, 3D, and shape layers, manipulation of mask, keys, cameras and lights. Creation of expressions et use of 3D environment (character made entirely in 3D and parallas effect)

  • Port-Folio Vidéo :

    To train me at the use of Adobe After Effect CS6, I realised a video presenting my different graphics works as a dynamic photo album.